Head of department

Nathalie GRUBER
email: ngruber@unistra.fr


Corinne BAILLY
email: c.bailly@unistra.fr


Phone: +33.(0)
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Location: faculty of chemistry , basement

Service de Radiocristallographie
Fédération de chimie Le Bel – FR2010
BP 296R8
1, rue Blaise Pascal
F-67008 STRASBOURG Cedex


The Crystallography Service is in charge of the resolution of molecular structures by single-crystal X-ray diffraction of any compounds, natural or synthetic products.
The Crystallography Service is available to all researchers, regardless of their institute, unit, lab and research team.

Analysis request form 

Fill the document and submit it to the X-ray service with the crystals to be studied. No measurement can be made without this document, the information about the formula and the expected structure is recommended.

XRay Analyses request form (2019) to download


Access to instruments

Only people who learned to use a diffractometer and who are authorized by the person in charge of the crystallography service can make measurements (seeConvention for the service access and Procedure for using the Apex II DUO diffractometer). For researchers with structural resolution and refinement programs, the raw diffraction data can be transferred to them on demand.


  • 4-circles Bruker PHOTON III diffractometer equiped with two micro-sources IμS Mo and IμS Diamond Cu and with an Oxford Cryosystem 800 for low temperature measurements.
  • 4-circles Bruker APEX II DUO IμS Kappa-CCD diffractometer equipped with two sources (Mo sealed tube and Cu micro-source) and with an Oxford Cryosystem 700 liquid N2 device for low temperature measurements.
  • Stereo microscope LEICA M125 equipped with a polarized light device and a video camera EC3 allowing photo capture and crystal visualization in live.
  • Binocular microscope WILD M5.
  • Work stations with structural resolution and refinement programs.
  • Access to the CSD (Cambridge Structural Database).

Analyses on powders, thin films, etc…are not performed by the X-ray Service that does not have adequate instruments. Please contact the UMR 7140 (team Sylvie Ferlay/Mir Wais Hosseini) and/or the Institut de Physique et de Chimie des Matériaux de Strasbourg (IPCMS) which are competent in these studies and equipped for this type of measurements.

Instruments in photos…

Some crystals…

Radiation safety

Nathalie Gruber is the Competent Person in Radiation safety (PCR).

Training followed:

  • Theoretical module related to the radiation safety principles and regulations in the « industry and research » domain.
  • Practical module related to the possession or the management of sealed radioactive sources, electrical devices emitting X-rays and particle accelerators, in the “industry and research” domain.

Scientific publications

People publishing an article in a scientific review with any crystal structure from the X-ray service must, at least, cite the « Service de radiocristallographie de la Fédération de Chimie Le Bel FR 2010» as well as the name of the crystallographer who solved the structure.

Technical documents


See the rate table UNISTRA 2022

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