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Location: Faculty of Chemistry  (basement)

Service de RMN
Fédération de chimie Le Bel – FR2010
BP 296R8
1, rue Blaise Pascal
F-67008 STRASBOURG Cedex


Main activities

Analysis and expertise in NMR: High-level equipment, know-how and expertise in NMR make it possible to offer molecular structural analyzes with a strong impact in chemistry, biology and pharmacy.

Training and teaching in NMR

The NMR Service offers training to students, PhD students, post-docs and researchers in the field of NMR solutions.
The service also offers internships as part of the ongoing training of the University of Strasbourg (academic and private law).


Access to instruments

Access to the spectrometers is via an online booking site https://rmn.u-strasbg.fr or a request via an electronic form.

Analysis request form

Complete the request form and drop it to the NMR service.




The instrumental park of the NMR service is composed of 6 BRUKER spectrometers for the analysis of the solutions.

  • Bruker Avance III Spectrometer – 600 MHz
    Inverse 1H-X probe 5 mm (with 31P <X <15N)
    X-1H-19F probe 5 mm (with 31P <X <103Rh)
    Static probe 1H-19F diffusion 5 mm (G max = 500 G / cm)
    1H-X reverse diffusion 5 mm probe (G max = 300 G / cm and with 31P <X <15N)
  • Bruker Avance III spectrometer – 500 MHz
    Cryo-Probe Hélium X-1H 5mm (with 31P < X < 15N)
    Automatic sample changer
  • Bruker Avance II Spectrometer – 500 MHz
    Cryo-Probe Hélium 13C-1H 5mm
    Automatic sample changer
  • Bruker Avance III Spectrometer – 400 MHz
    Inverse 1H-X 5 mm probe (with 31P < X < 15N)
    Self-service access
  • Bruker Avance I Spectrometer – 300 MHz
    31P-1H 5mm probe
    Self-service access
  • Bruker Avance III Spectrometer – 300 MHz
    X-1H-19F 5 mm probe (with 31P < X < 15N)
    Automatic sample changer
  • Micro-viscometer
    Dynamic viscosity measurement for 1 mL samples
  • Density Meter

Instruments in photos…


The NMR experiments below are feasible in the NMR service:

  • Multi-nuclei (1H, 13C, 31P, 15N, 2H, 19F, 109Ag, 199Hg, 27Al, 29Si, 11B, 195Pt, etc.)
  • Polarization transfer and editing
  • Selective irradiation: NOE difference, homo-decoupling, solvent removal, PURESHIFT
  • Homo-nuclear correlations: COSY, NOESY, ROESY, TOCSY, EXSY, INADEQUATE
  • Hetero-nuclear correlations: HMQC, HSQC, HMBC, HOESY, ADEQUATE, H2BC
  • Combined experiences: HSQC-TOCSY, HSQC-NOESY
  • Molecular dynamics measurements
  • reaction kinetic measurements
  • Quantification methods
  • Ligand-inhibitor interaction: STD, WaterLOGSY
  • Diffusion coefficient measurements: DOSY 1H, 19F, 31P
  • Coupling constant measurements: selective J-RES 1H-13C, HECADE 1H-13C, G-SERF, X.E.COSY, XLOC

Data processing with « Mnova»


Latest version of MNOVA (03/22), first uninstall the old one and download the latest one from the address below:



Experiments are billed relative to the time of use of the spectrometers (see the rate table 2022)