Presentation of the “Le Bel” Federation – UAR 2042 (formerly FR 2010)

The “Le Bel” Federation of Chemistry – FR 2010 (UAR 2042 since January 1st, 2024) was created on January 1st, 2018 and brings together three UMRs of the Esplanade site around molecular chemistry. Beyond its actions of coordination and animation, one mission of the Federation “Le Bel” is to provide the scientific community with a high-level analytical platform for chemistry. About fifteen engineers and technicians lead the various services grouping characterization techniques (NMR, X-ray, Mass Spectrometry, Microanalysis, Optical Spectroscopies, …).

This analytical platform for chemistry is also open to all academic and industrial partners. The “Le Bel” Chemistry Federation also has two technical platforms: the computer & networks service and the mechanical design department.

The UMRs constitutive of the federation group about 300 staff including 115 professors, assistant-professors and researchers, 58 ITA / IATOS and 148 doctoral and post-doctoral staff.

The Federation council is composed as follows:

  • 1 Federation Director
  • 3 directors of UMRs (7006, 7140, 7177)
  • 1 director of the Faculty of Chemistry
  • 1 person responsible for scientific and technical services
  • 1 representative of scientific services
  • 1 reprensative of the computers & networks service
  • 3 representatives of the UMR 7177
  • 2 representatives of the UMR 7006
  • 1 representative of the UMR 7140

Organization chart of the UAR 2042: