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Jean-Christian PONT
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Jean-Olivier DALBAVIE
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The IT department of the “Federation de Chimie Le Bel” (FR 2010) is a pooled service created in 2003 that works with the Institute of Chemistry (UMR 7177), the “Institut de Science et d’Ingénierie Supramoléculaires” (UMR 7006), the Laboratory  of chemistry of complex matter (UMR 7140) and the Faculty of Chemistry.  It works for a thematic community of research, teaching and scientific services in chemistry. Its activities are mainly grouped into three distinct areas: networks and systems, educational computing and common applications.  The IT department mission is to provide various services for laboratories, groups and users (researchers, teacher-researchers, teachers, administrative and technical staff, students) with a set of resources.

In particular, the IT department
  • validates any IT project related to the active and passive infrastructure of the networks of the buildings for which it is responsible;
  • implements and pilots user services and ensures their consistency;
  • local expertise in IT choices and projects for a community of users;
  • anticipates future needs and uses;
  • promotes collective actions (databases, software distribution) and facilitates the flow of information;
  • is in charge of the computer security of each component and acts as such with the authority of the Director of the latter to enforce the security policy of the information system;
  • is responsible for relations with external IT departments (Direction du Numérique, CNRS);
  • represents the components in any IT project for which it is consulted.

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